• About Teak

Teak is a dense and durable hard wood where resistance to elements is required.

Teak has qualities unlike any other wood. It is dense, rich in oil, has high rubber content, almost imperious to splitting, buckling and rot— making it termite proof.

When maintained properly, a quality piece of teak furniture will last for many generations!

• Why we are Environmentally Friendly

ImporTEAK Warehouse supplies (tecona grandis) hardwood for exterior furniture application. We supply Javenese Teak in the manufacturing of our furniture.

The very first plantation were planted but the Dutch in the mid 1800’s, making them some of the oldest plantations in the world, because there isn’t any new or limited land being clear cut destroying natural habitat.

These plantations are now owned by the Indonesian Government, who is responsible for the felling of a limited number of trees each year and the reforestation of these farms.